We are constantly looking for outstanding experimentalists and theoreticians that are eager to participate in our research. The group aims at research at the highest international level. Candidates that fit into this environment are invited to apply. Experience in fields such as single-molecule biophysics, systems biology, theoretical/statistical physics and data science, optical imaging, organ-on-chips, and immunology is welcomed. Applicants are invited to submit an email including cover letter, CV with publication list to prof. Alireza Mashaghi (Email:

MSc thesis project opportunities for theoretical physics students

  • Polymer physics

  • Reaction networks and pharmacological modeling

(Deadline: open till filled)

Postdoc in the fields of experimental/theoretical single molecule or single cell biophysics

Talented researchers, residing in the Netherlands, with interest in one of the following areas are encouraged to apply:

  • Computational 3D genome analysis

  • Computational polymer physics

  • Bioprinting disease models (experimental)

  • Mechanics of single cells (experimental)

Please inquire if you are interested.

(Deadline: open till filled)