Community science: 

Since 1996, Alireza Mashaghi has actively advocated collaborations between disciplines to find new ways of addressing scientific and societal challenges. The team has a long history of actively promoting open collaboration within a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for science. Together, we work to achieve breakthrough innovations, limiting the constraints of formal academic relationships and driven by creativity and curiosity rather than being fully guided by funding or current trends.

Formal vacancies: 

We are constantly looking for outstanding experimentalists and theoreticians that are eager to participate in our research. The group aims at research at the highest international level. Candidates that fit into this environment are invited to apply. Experience in fields such as single-molecule biophysics, systems biology, theoretical/statistical physics and data science, optical imaging, organ-on-chips, and immunology is welcomed. Applicants are invited to submit an email including cover letter, CV with publication list to prof. Alireza Mashaghi (Email:

PhD position is available through the NWO Mozaic program (2024)

Our research group has capacity to host new PhD candidates with interest in any of research lines, including computational and experimental areas. Students with backgrounds in biomedical or phrmaceutical science, chemistry, physics, mathematcis and engineering are welcome to apply. For application, please contact Dr. Alireza Mashaghi. 

For application criteria, please visit the folowing webpage: Link to NWO Mozaic scholarship


-Hold a university master's degree and a bachelor's or master's from the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

-Dutch nationality or a valid residence permit.

-Migrant background, specifically from designated regions.