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              Selected as Editor's pick 2021

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Systems biophysics 

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Bioengineering and bio-nanotechnology

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Selected for the April 1, 2012 issue of Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research.

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Highlighted in: Science Letter, March 22, 2013, page 99.  

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Medicine and immunology

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PhD dissertations:

Single-cell mechanics for disease biology and pharmacology (Tom evers)

Complexity and control of biochemical reaction systems for medical translation applications (Mehrad Babaei)

Topological decoding of biomolecular fold complexity (Barbara Scalvini)

Bioengineering and biophysics of viral hemorrhagic fever (Huaqi Tang)

Lipid signaling and inflammation: metabolomics for better diagnosis and treatment strategy (Wei Yang)

Microengineered Human Blood Vessels For Next Generation Drug Discovery (Abidemi Junaid)

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