Celebrating Vahid's achievements in our group! (April 2024) 

Excited to welcome our newest students to the MSBB lab! (April 2024) 

Our group photo! Missing Yasmine, Asina, Mehrad, and Julian! (March 2024)

At Tom's graduation ceremoney! 

With Anton Jan van Zonneveld and Hayat for our Adducin project! (February 2024)

Alireza presenting at AMOLF Biophysics meeting in Amsterdam! (January 2024)

MSBB bowling (November 2023)! Congratulations to our champion, Laurens! 😀

We are proud of our talented interdisciplinary researchers! 

At 15th Nuclear Receptor Research Network! (November 2023)

MSBB lab-Bruker Bio-AFM workshop, September 2023!

Our condensate team! 

Dinner on the occasion of Huaqi's graduation! 

Huaqi's PhD defence (September 2023)! 

                       Gathering for MSBB group drinks at the start of the new academic year (September 2023)!

With Duane Moes, our topology research star! 

MSBB team at the Café Barrera and the academy building!

Barbara's graduation! 

MSBB lab - June 2023

Happy birthday to Laurens! 

MSBB lab drink - June 2023

An Italian night with the MSBB group! 

Cheers to Tom for completing his PhD thesis! 

Tom using our newly installed single-cell force spectroscopy setup! 

Dinner with our collaborators at a Latin American restaurant!

With our Systems Pharmacology and Pharmacy Division! (March 2023)

Sabina presenting her research on protein topology!

Happy birthday, Vasily! 

New installation in the lab! Ready for exciting research in 2023! 

Beat the box! 

With Barbara, Felix and Lilia! 

Christmas! (the MSBB style!)

MSBB superheros! 

With prof. Laurence Rahme (Harvard Medical School)

Our evening get-together! (Nov 2022)

MSBB bowling, Fall 2022

Our "anti-virus" team! 

At work! (October 2022)

Dinner with the team! (Veldhoven, 2022)

Barbara presenting at 2022 Dutch Biophysics Conference!

Vahid and Tom at LUMICKS (force spectroscopy) workshop in Amsterdam!

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